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Membership at North Shore

Welcome! We pray that God is blessing your search for a faith home, and we hope that you will come and get to know us at North Shore. Come and worship with us, join in fellowship with us, learn with us, and enter into God's mission with us. This is Christ's church, and not our own, so our doors are open to all. We prayerfully believe that God is calling us to "grow in Christian discipleship", and we encourage you to come and grow closer to God with us.

As a Congregational Church, we believe that church membership begins with God's Holy Spirit, who calls us to live, work, worship, and pray together according to God's purposes. When you are ready to agree that North Shore is your faith home and that we belong together, we encourage you to join in covenant membership. As a covenant member, you have the privilege of voting in the business of the congregation, and you agree to share in the worship, work, and financial support of the church. When you would like to explore membership, simply contact one of our ministers, who will invite you to attend our next new member class.

We believe that the foundation of Christ's church is our relationship with God and with each other, so the foundation of our membership is the North Shore Church Covenant. We do not ask members to subscribe to a list of beliefs, but instead to promise "to live in the fellowship of Gospel" and "to walk in the ways of the Lord - known and to be made known." On membership Sundays, new members are invited to own the covenant, and are then received and welcomed with joy by the congregation.

For more information about joining North Shore Congregational Church, please contact us.