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Celebrating God's Work Throughout The Years at North Shore Congregational Church

All are welcome to join in our mission: "to grow and deepen Christian discipleship in a faith community guided by the Holy Spirit."

As a congregation, we are an active member in the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches and the Wisconsin Congregational Association

NSCC Covenant

From Article IV of our church's Constitution: Each person desiring to become a member of this church shall declare and thereby own the following Covenant of the North Shore Congregational Church:

"I confess my love for God, for Jesus Christ, and for my fellow men and women. I hereby covenent to live in the fellowship of the Gospel, to walk in the ways of the Lord-known and to be made known to me-to share in the workship and work of the Church, to cooperate with it in all good enterprises and to promote to service, its maintenance, its purity, and its peace." 


A History of North Shore Congregational Church

history1On April 27, 1949, a group of twenty-five faithful servants met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz von Grossman to sign the Charter Membership Roll of North Shore Congregational Church. The church held its first worship on May 15, 1949 in the Lower Assembly room of the Milwaukee Country Day School (now the Karl Jewish Community Center) on Santa Monica Boulevard. Dr. Everett MacNair of Plymouth Congregational Church led the ninety-six person congregation in this first service.

North Shore welcomed its first minister, Rev. Vernon I. ("Pat") Flynn, on July 1, 1949. Worship had been suspended for the summer to allow member and Rev. Flynn to canvass the neighborhoods, spreading the word about their new church. Weekly worship resumed on September 11, 1949 and Rev. Flynn launched the church's first fall programming season. On November 6, 1949, the church received 329 charter members.

In 1950 a national Congregational publication described North Shore as the "fastest growing church in all Congregational history."

In May 1954, the cornerstone of the church building was laid, and the congregation moved into this new home at the corner of Bell Road and Santa Monica Boulevard in January, 1955. Soon thereafter, John D. ("Jack") Fitzgerald, Jr. joined Rev. Flynn as the church's first Assistant Minister. Rev. Fitzgerald served the church from 1955 to 1957.

history2In 1986 the stained glass window "Freedom" was designed and built by Charles Burroughs and installed in the balcony. "Shining from the center of the lower panel is a lantern, symbol from biblical times of guidance, of revelation, of learning. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet wrote the Psalmist. The lantern of truth takes a prominent place in the Freedom window. Surrounding the lantern are familiar symbols of our Pilgraim heritage: the word Freedom, the year 1620 and of course the ships that brough the Pilgrims to the land of freedom." (from Rev. Ralph DiBiasio-Snyder's dedication sermon March 23, 1986.)

January 1993 NSCC installed a new organ. The organ is a modern representation of classic ideals in organ building and was specifically designed and voiced for our sanctuary. J.C. Taylor & Co., Organbuilders of Kaukauna, WI built a tonal scheme that is rooted in the American and English traditions of organbuilding. This is appropriate since the heritage of congregational churches is rooted in those same traditions.

The groundbreaking for the new addition occurred on April 4, 1999 where we changed the entry of the church and put in an elevator.




The 2009 Kitchen update brought us a working, welcoming kitchen that people will use for decades to come. The fellowship and outreach possibilities seem endless.